Dagy's Barbershop is a traditional oldschool barbershop in Vienna and was voted "Top Rated Saloon 2019 Vienna". We are specialized in classic and modern cuts. Pompadours Flattops, Skinfades and much more we can offer you! The most popular service for our gentleman customers is the hot towel shave.



After years of commitment, hard work and numerous training courses in Austria and France, Firat Dag decided to open his own barbershop. Dagy is becoming one of the most famous Viennese barbers from day to day and inspires his customers again and again. He is, as the saying goes, a "say it like it is, cut as you like it best" type hairdresser.


Master Dagy's brother has been trained from the ground up. Meanwhile, he is already very popular in the barbershop, he does a great job! Specialized in new school fades, his accuracy and attention to detail distinguish him.


Leo, born in Prague and raised in Vienna, discovered his passion at the age of 16. He completed his apprenticeship with Theuermann in Vienna and speaks Czech, Italian, English and German. As a dandy he has a distinct sense of style. If desired, there are styling tips for every visit. 


Joe is always up for a good joke and has a very charismatic humor. He has specialized in skin fades throughout his career and is a master in his field. Very good beard progressions are the be-all and end-all for him. Furthermore, he likes to work with a razor when shaving and pluck with threads when shaving eyebrows to achieve the desired result.

Our Products

In our shop we offer a rich repertoire of various high-quality hair and beard products. The selection of the products is always done in such a way that there is something for every taste and the ingredients are also taken care of. From natural hair cream to beard balm made of beeswax and verbena, we have everything that makes the heart of the bearded person beat faster. 

GEntlemen's Beard

In particular, we offer our extraordinary shaving techniques such as Hot-Towel-Shave and Line-Shave. Of course, we also make other corrections if necessary.

A daY at DAgy's Barbershop

Together with RTL Austria we want to give you a short insight into our daily business.

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The interior decoration of the hairdressing salon reflects the culture of the owner: warm, loving and welcome for everyone.
The furniture and the fireplace represent the classic nostalgia of the 60s.

The shop radiates a positive atmosphere and leaves every customer relaxed and satisfied.
Dagy built up the shop on his own and paid attention to the smallest details.
If you are looking for an established hairdresser and a renowned barbershop, then Dagy's Barbershop is the place to be.


Haircut and Restyle 
25 €

Combo Haircut & Beard Restyle +Towel Shave(must have)
48 €

Clippers Cut – Sides & Behind the Head
18 €

Beard Shape with Hot Towel & Razor Finish
25 €

Haircolor + Cut +Styling
75 €

Beard Trim (shaveless)
15 € 

Combo Father + Son  – Cut & Restyling
45 € 


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Opening hours 

Monday 12:00 – 20:00
Tuesday 10:00 – 19:00
Wednesday 10:00 – 19:00
Thursday 09:00 – 20:00
Friday 09:00 – 20:00
Saturday 09:00 – 18:00
Sunday closed